The Innovation of Self-Healing Concrete

Cutting edge technology occurs in all industries and we are thrilled by the innovation of self-healing concrete. This “bio” concrete could make such a huge impact on the concrete industry. Cracks in concrete are not always avoidable, but there is a solution to tearing down the broken concrete and pouring new concrete. 

Why Concrete Cracks

The first culprit of cracking concrete is excess moisture. It requires little water to achieve the correct consistency for durable concrete, but some contractors may use too much. When too much water is added to the concrete initially, the water evaporates during the drying process and the concrete shrinks. While the shrinkage is minimal, it is enough for cracks to occur. The second most likely reason for cracks in concrete is an accelerated drying of the concrete. The process of drying or curing for the slab requires the right mixture of concrete and water. If there isn’t enough water in the mixture, the slab dries too quickly and cracks. There are several other reasons concrete may crack and some are avoidable but what can be done when cracking does occur?

The Remedy for Cracked Concrete

The Romans were the first to invent concrete and while their mixture was quality and still stands, scientists have created a new concrete compound that has the ability to self-heal itself with bacteria. The bacteria is called Bacillus Pseudofirmus or Sporosarcina Pasteurii and it’s mixed with an organic nutrient, calcium lactate. This combination can live dormant in the concrete for up to 200 years after installation which will eliminate the need for concrete repair for these types of cracks. 

It works by allowing water into the cracked areas of concrete which activates the bacteria inside. Only then does the bacteria begin to produce limestone to fill the cracks naturally in only three weeks. While this process only works with new construction using this “bio” concrete, these scientists are also working on the creation of a liquid to use on conventional concrete of existing slabs that uses the same chemical reaction to fix older cracks. This invention could protect buildings, bridges, roads, and tunnels for over 200 years. 

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