Is Polished Concrete a Topical Product?

Misinformation—whether intentional or unintentional, can be an unfortunate thing. By learning something incorrect about polished concrete, you are left with the assumption you know what polished concrete is but, in reality, you’ve been lead astray. The great thing is it is never too late to relearn! Today we will clear up some confusion about polished concrete. Let’s start with this spoiler alert: contrary to popular belief—likely caused by the word “polished” in its name—it is not a topical product.

Topical Product

There are many topical products on the market that claim to make your floor shiny and appear polished. These products can be bought at a hardware store and applied rather easily by anyone, but they aren’t meant to replace the polished concrete process. They can add temporary protection to your concrete or polished concrete and bring a level of shine to the floor, but that isn’t the same thing as mechanically refining the surface of the concrete, and it doesn’t offer the same advantages.

Polished Concrete Process

The shine of polished concrete is created by a labor-intensive mechanical process of refining the concrete itself. Depending on the final appearance the customer desires, concrete grinders expose several different aggregate levels of the slab depending on how deep they grind.  Then the surface is refined with progressive diamond tooling under the machine to a specified level of refinement.  This creates the iconic shine and reflective appearance of polished concrete. To complete this process correctly, it requires highly-trained polished concrete craftsman due to the various issues that can arise when working with concrete. Environmental factors can drastically alter the approach so our team members must be observant and able to adapt quickly while maintaining quality and attention to detail.

Is Polished Concrete Right for You?

You may wonder if you can get away with just using a topical product every couple months to try to mimic the look of polished concrete. Not only would this be rather costly and time-consuming, but it also won’t produce the same look and it certainly won’t function as well long term. Polished concrete produces a durable surface with long-lasting shine, designed to hold up well in high-traffic areas. Its slip resistance is higher than regular concrete and its reflective properties can help save you up to 30% on your lighting cost. Due to its vast benefits, polished concrete is one of the best options for many projects.

Royale Concrete specializes in all things concrete finishes related, including repair, coatings, and surface preparation and of course polishing. Our projects always focus on the desires and needs of our customers while using our expertise to maneuver potential obstacles to achieve the best outcome possible. Every concrete slab is different and Royale specializes in designing custom solutions for our customers.  We are lucky to be able to produce a finished product that not only meets functional needs but also looks beautiful. If you are considering polished concrete for your next project, give us a call or visit us online to request a proposal.

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