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How often do you notice the flooring of a building? Unless the floor is very damaged, an odd color, or a unique design, most people don’t give flooring a second thought. Many business owners make it a goal to design a building layout that is not only conducive to the work being done but also to bring a sense of appeal and beauty. Flooring choices can often be an afterthought, but at Royale Concrete, we believe a beautiful floor can significantly enhance the allure and aesthetic design of a room. We make it our goal to produce a floor that works as hard as you do. When searching for polished concrete contractors in Iowa City, look no further than Royale Concrete!

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Why Choose Polished Concrete?

There is a misconception that polished concrete is more like a janitorial surface treatment of buffing the top layer of flooring and pouring a product to make it look shiny. There are topical products on the market to wax, glaze, or seal a floor and while these can create shine on the surface, this isn’t the same as what polishing concrete achieves. Polished concrete is a process of mechanically refining the concrete that requires specialized equipment and knowledge to produce . We don’t take our job lightly and have invested time and energy to ensure our process is as high-quality as the floor finish we produce.

Since every concrete floor is different, every floor can be customizable. With several options of polished concrete to choose from, the final appearance and function of the floor can be specified by the customer or owner. Our priority is creating a floor that is not only beautiful and durable but also meets the expectations of our client. Due to various moisture levels, temperatures, aggregates in the concrete, and the external environment, our team members must craft a solution to achieve the best outcome possible. Our vast expertise in this industry has allowed us to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles during many flooring projects.

Why Choose Royale Concrete?

Ethics, quality, and continued education are rare qualities to find in a company whose reach is nationwide. We firmly believe in doing the right thing for you, regardless of whether its the right thing for us. Functionality is not the only goal of a floor so we make it our aim to create a work of art out of each finish we produce. We know every project we have the honor to work on requires our best work, our highest level of attention, and superior customer service! We believe this is one of many reasons we have been able to use our position as a small town company to stay relevant and involved in industry conversation and innovation.

Royale Concrete is a premier contractor for polished concrete in the Iowa City area. Our extensive flooring services include coatings, urethane concrete, surface preparation, repair, as well as polishing. Over 12 years of experience has allowed us to revolutionize our business as the industry has evolved, taking full advantage of innovation, pioneering precision, and providing excellence every step of the way. For all your polished concrete needs, contact us to learn more.

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