The Importance of Having a Professional Handle Your Concrete Floor Repair

Polished concrete is without a doubt one of the most durable flooring options on the market, but it is not impenetrable. When cracks or damages occur to your floor, it is imperative to repair them as soon as possible to avoid further damage and deterioration to the surrounding areas. Concrete floor repair requires professional expertise to ensure the repair will blend in seamlessly and prolong the life of your flooring. 

Common Causes of Damage

The surface of concrete looks solid but it is actually porous, which means it can sustain damage beneath the surface. One of the most common causes of concrete damage is excessive liquid left on the surface for prolonged periods of time. Over time, the liquid seeps into the concrete, weakens the bonds, and can cause cracking. Another common need for concrete floor repair is pitting and spalling from salt damage. This particular damage occurs most frequently during the winter as salt is tracked inside. It is mostly preventable by performing daily cleanings to remove the salt residue, but pitting and spalling can occur when concrete flooring is not maintained properly. Another way to avoid this type of damage is to use heavy-duty floor mats and choose a non-salt based de-icer. 

What Repair Entails

There are several types of repair solutions for the various types and levels of damage. After assessing the size, level, and type of damage, we can determine the best plan of attack. For smaller cracks, we can patch them with a concrete sealant that matches the durability of the existing flooring. Concrete pitting or spalling is repaired using a different method of sealant application. We can also fill joints or other areas of the concrete that appear dull or discolored with restorative methods. Every repair is unique and will require an expert eye to ensure the proper methods and materials are used.

Why Hire a Professional 

If damage occurs to your polished concrete floors, they are not beyond help. Concrete flooring professionals can assess the damage and choose the appropriate course of action to remedy the problem. It is important to repair promptly and with the right method for the type of damage in order to prolong the life of your polished concrete. Leaving damaged concrete can absorb excess moisture and oils which may leave unsightly staining or increase the damage. Choosing the right repair expert for the job can ensure the fix will work and will last. 

Why Choose Royale Concrete

At Royale Concrete, we are the epitome of a company passionate about doing what they love. We love to find solutions to our customer’s flooring dilemmas, and we love polished concrete. Often times our two loves collide, and we have the privilege of creating a new floor or repairing an existing floor to make it durable and beautiful. We also provide other services including surface preparation, polished concrete, terrazzo polishing, coatings, concrete maintenance, and concrete repair. Contact us today to bring your scuffed, stained, or broken flooring back to life.