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Flooring choices can be a challenge. With so many options out there, from carpet to hardwood, trying to make a decision often feels like looking for a needle in a very large haystack. When you’re searching for a durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting option, however, few things can match the clean, crisp look of polished concrete.

Polished concrete is a wonderful way to add life to your flooring, boasting a luxe alternative to any commercial or residential property. Instead of sticking with the boring basics, like linoleum or plain concrete, you can add a high-quality shine to any bathroom, basement, warehouse, repair shop, store, or big box retail space. Polished and preserved with the ability to stand up to scratches and wear and tear; concrete adds countless benefits to every room.

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Why Polished Concrete Counts

Polishing concrete may seem like a large investment for an already-durable form of flooring, but this opportunity has a lot to offer. From energy savings to eco-friendly installation, the right concrete polishing company can do wonders for the look and feel of your floors. Benefits include:

  • Increased ambient light, reducing energy bills up to 30%
  • LEED-friendly installation
  • Longer life cycles than any other flooring option
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Strong, abrasion resistant finish
  • Stain resistant finishes
  • No airborne dust during installation
  • Limited downtime after installation, allowing for near-immediate use

Choosing Concrete Polishing Companies

Not all polished concrete companies are made equal. When you’re searching for contractors that can offer the speed, quality, and customer service you deserve, be sure to take these points into consideration.

Experience and Training

Concrete may not sound like a challenging medium, but a job well done requires experience and expertise in the industry. The best companies have years of practice in polished concrete with training and certification offered by the Concrete Polishing Council (formerly the CPAA) and other organizations and leading manufacturers, ensuring compliance with the highest levels of practices and procedures. Instead of taking short cuts, a qualified team will go the extra mile to make sure every job is completed to meet your goals.

Eco-Friendly Focus

An eco-focused approach to business can be a big benefit, especially in today’s world. For companies that take a special interest in the environment, even flooring solutions should meet the strictest industry standards. With LEED-friendly installation completed without the presence of harmful VOCs, an eco-friendly approach to polished concrete can help your property maintain its reputation as a leader in green endeavors. Purchasing material like VCT Tile, carpet, or laminate flooring, that will ultimately end up in a landfill can create environmental concerns.  With polished concrete you eliminate the use of one more building material, and the need for full material replacement every 10-15 years, thus lessening the impact on your local landfills in the process. 

Full-Service Focus

Instead of simply installing a finish on your concrete floor without also addressing other issues that may exist such as, degradation, cracking, unfilled and raveling joints, heaves or low spots, staining or oil saturation, you want to look for a company with a proven track record in addressing all of these areas. These issues can affect the final finish on your floor, and also the performance of your investment. Experienced polishing companies with comprehensive services often add more value, as they will know how to confidently address tricky issues your floor may present. Make certain your polishing company is equipped and experienced in dealing with and offering solutions to these specific challenges.

When you’re seeking concrete polishing companies that check all of your boxes, Royale Concrete is here. As a national leader in beautiful, durable, and environmentally-friendly polished concrete, we can help you find the right fit for your property. Our field teams are lead by CPAA craftsman with many polishing system certifications, experience, guaranteeing professional service on even the most challenging floors. From surface preparation, concrete and terrazzo polishing, concrete restoration and repair to specialty coatings, we can ensure you get a custom flooring solution and an investment that lasts.

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