Polishing isn’t the only way to protect your concrete floors from wear and tear. Coatings create an additional decorative barrier for your floors.

Benefits of Coatings

Concrete coating involves the application of a paint-like topical coating that provides your floors with a fresh new surface. Coatings are accessible in a wide variety of colors and finishes, which, depending on your project goals, is ideal for when you would like to change up the look or feel of a space.

Coatings vs. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete maintenance is less invasive than the surface prep and re-coating involved with topical concrete coatings. Coatings require additional downtime (cure time), which is not ideal for manufacturers, or businesses that remain in production 24/7. However, coatings are an attractive choice because of their flexible design and pricing. Depending on the desired appearance or functionality needed, the cost of coatings can range from economical to expensive.