What Makes A True Craftsman Different

Many industries are facing the quality versus cost conundrum. As customers seek a lower price while still receiving high-quality work, companies are challenged to lower their prices and cut corners in order to produce a profit. This often leads to a downward spiral of hiring unqualified employees, poor training, and delivering subpar products or services. The only way to stop this in its tracks is to make the commitment to provide quality work by quality workers. A true craftsman is not a title given, it is a title earned.

What is a Craftsman?

In the concrete industry, the American Society of Concrete Contractors is an association committed to improving the skills and abilities for all within the industry and has brought great unity to the various subcontractors within this field. The ASCC offers certifications for those who wish to increase their knowledge and expertise in their specific field. Becoming a master craftsman requires years of experience and provides benefits for both the craftsman and the customer. Those certified are distinguished by titles that show honor and bring a higher quality to the work performed.

Why Should You Care?

During the preparation for a construction project, the architect will draft the architectural bid documents. As a part of these documents, they may also include in the polishing specification the requirement for qualified craftsmen to be on site during preparation and installation. This ensures proper execution of highly specialized machinery and methods and provides a more accurate quality control standard for the finished product.

Craftsmen are trained to not only execute proper methods for each project but to also discern many nuances and conditions of each floor they work on. We believe this level of training is necessary since every concrete floor is different and requires detailed examination and evaluation in order to produce the ideal outcome. From scratch patterns in the concrete to the sounds and vibrations of the machine, a craftsman must be tuned in to every detail and know exactly how to monitor, adjust, and execute the desired finish with the tools, equipment, and materials he has to use. Being a craftsman is more than book knowledge, it is based on experience and listening to what the floor needs, and in turn being able to craft a recipe to achieve the final result with the highest quality floor possible. 

What Can Go Wrong?

Like all jobs, there are circumstances beyond human control that can affect the final outcome of the finish. However, the best way to prepare for unforeseen obstacles is to be prepared for as much as possible and anticipate these hurdles. Craftsmen are trained to handle every possibility of flooring and environmental conditions, which allows them to adapt quickly and respond with the right method or tool to execute the desired finish. Without a craftsman, shortcuts are often relied upon to finish a project while producing a concrete floor that cannot deliver all of the natural benefits of polished concrete, such as long life cycles, low maintenance, safety, etc.

Royale Concrete employs and encourages the pursuit of craftsman and master craftsmanship on their team. We believe working hard and focusing on continued education benefits our team members as well as our customers because our best efforts and achievements produce the best results. If you are in need of concrete services such as surface preparation, concrete polishing, repair, or maintenance, contact us today!

“He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” ― Francis of Assisi

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