Why More Offices Choose Polished Concrete

Spring is soon upon us and we know most businesses dread the spring cleaning that’s much needed. After your floors have taken a beating from puddles of melted snow and tons of tracked in salt, you may be second guessing your flooring choice. All the water and salt often leaves massive stains to deal with in office carpets and can become a costly replacement each spring but it doesn’t have to. If you’re tired of replacing your worn out carpet, tile, or laminate after a couple of years, it’s time to choose polished concrete for your office. 


Possibly the most important benefit of choosing polished concrete for your office is the durability it provides. We know you want your floors to be as nice as possible for as long as possible and with polished concrete, you’ll get exactly what you want. Polished concrete is built to last for years, especially in a high-traffic area. Purchasing a highly durable floor is worth the investment because you won’t need to replace it every time the carpet is stained, the tile is broken, or the laminate starts to peel. This will, in turn, help you save money over time by preventing you from having to spend money on repairs and replacements several times throughout the floor’s lifetime.

Low Maintenance

We know how time-consuming it is to clean your office space which is why we highly recommend polished concrete to help cut down on the time and money you spend on cleaning your floors. Compared to other flooring options polished concrete requires much less maintenance for them to look sparkly and clean. Most of the maintenance you’ll need to do is dry mopping to remove any particles and wet mopping with plenty of clean water and a mild cleanser. No need to repeatedly purchase expensive floor cleaners, sealers, or waxes with polished concrete.

Physical Health

We know this is a bit of an unconventional benefit but your physical health is very important, even to your polished concrete contractors. We want the best for you which is why we want to make sure to highlight this awesome advantage for your office space. Most offices carpet their floors to help make it look more inviting and comfortable. However, this comfort isn’t adding to your health, in fact, it may be taking away from it. Did you know that dirt, dust, and other airborne allergens can become trapped in the fibers of the carpet? Vacuuming is helpful but even with weekly vacuuming, the fibers can hold on to a lot. Polished concrete is much better because there are no fibers to trap dust or allergens.
With so many flooring options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. But when you look at the benefits of polished concrete, the options narrow down quickly and the best option becomes clear. At Royale Concrete, we want to help keep you healthy, save you time, and money by providing you with the best flooring option. We offer start-to-finish concrete services including surface preparation, polished concrete, terrazzo polishing, coatings, repairs, and maintenance. To begin your polished concrete project for your office, give us a call or submit a work request.
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