3 Things Concrete Polishing Contractors Should Teach You About Your New Floor

We aren’t just craftsmen at Royale Concrete, we are educators of our products and services. Every client should feel adequately prepared for the process of polished concrete and have an idea of what to expect throughout the floor’s lifetime. We never want to overwhelm our customers with too much information, but it is important to know about your floors and why your concrete polishing contractors are so incredibly passionate about what we do. 

They Are Not Invincible

As durable and strong as your polished concrete floors are, they aren’t impervious. They can sustain damage and they do require care, so you need to maintain them properly to keep them looking nice. The porous surface of polished concrete is able to absorb liquid that is left on the surface for an extended period of time. This means that depending on the type of liquid, it may stain the floor or damage the bonds which can weaken the structure. Neither outcome is ideal and would require your professional concrete polishing contractors to perform restoration work. You can help avoid this by regularly maintaining your polished concrete and implementing a semi-regular deep cleaning schedule. 

We Are Here for You

As we mentioned, sometimes your floors may need restorative work to bring them back to their former glory. Before that step, we can listen to the problem and see if we can advise you on the best course of action which may or may not end in restoration. After we install polished concrete, we leave a maintenance guide so our customers know the best way to keep their floors shiny and safe. But we are always happy to answer any questions you may have in the future about your floors. 

They Have an Excellent ROI 

Concrete polishing contractors can assure you that your floors are an investment. Whatever type of flooring you choose, you hope they will hold up to years of use and won’t require much replacing or repairing. The length of the floor’s life cycle is a large part of your decision-making process and we’re thrilled to confirm that polished concrete is one of the longest lasting flooring options available. It holds up very well in high-traffic areas like schools, museums, government facilities, and warehouses. Polished concrete is a wonderful flooring option for nearly any space and will outlast many of the other flooring options out there for you to choose from.

Your Trusted Concrete Polishing Contractors

Clean, durable, and beautiful floors are possible when you choose polished concrete from Royale Concrete. Our professional concrete services are tailored for comprehensive care for your floors, which includes surface preparation, polished concrete, terrazzo polishing, coating, restorative work, and maintenance. Not all floors are created equal, and polished concrete surely stands above the rest when it comes to outlasting and outshining. Contact Royale Concrete today to begin your polished concrete project and be sure to view our past projects to see what we can do for your space!