The Benefits of Polished Concrete for Restaurants

Restaurant floors are typically not something your customers notice or appreciate. However, they notice them when they don’t look nice or when they’re slipping or sticking to them. When the foundation of your restaurant is lacking, it’s hard for your customers to see past that, and as we all know, those small mistakes are the ones that are shared online. Make the switch to polished concrete floors for your restaurant, not only for the enjoyment of your customers but for your benefit as well.

Slip Resistance

Slippery restaurant floors are a disaster for customers and employees. Not only are slippery floors potential lawsuits from the bad fall of a customer, but they are the nemesis of servers. Most restaurants require a certain type of shoe that helps prevent slipping of their wait staff, but this rule is not always present or enforced. Polished concrete appears incredibly shiny, but it actually has a higher slip resistance than many other flooring options on the market when cleaned and maintained properly.


When a restaurant floor is installed, the owner wants to ensure it will last a long time before it requires replacement. With proper installation and maintenance, polished concrete can withstand very high levels of use for long periods of time. This means the restaurant can stay open longer and not shut down for constant repair or replacement and keeps patrons and employees safe and happy.


Restaurants have plenty of cleaning to do throughout the day, which is why polished concrete is an easy decision. With regular light maintenance, as most restaurants would do anyway, polished concrete beats out the flooring competition. It requires very little work and if properly sealed during installation, requires seldom resealing. The structure of concrete holds up very well after years of use and rarely breaks down. Even the occasional chip or scratch can be repaired easily and quickly.


As mentioned, polished concrete is incredibly shiny. This beautiful surface helps to increase the aesthetic of your restaurant by merely adding to the style, not taking away. Polished concrete can be colored or dyed to match your preferred color scheme. A logo or design can be created on the surface as well.


When you have to close for flooring installation, you want to be back up and running as quickly as possible. We want that for you too! Polished concrete has no cure time, and allows for a smooth process, which allows for your final finish to withstand high levels of use and maintain its durability for years.

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