Floor Protection Options

Floor protection is imperative during any construction project. When you choose to invest in one of the best flooring options, you want to make sure you do everything possible to keep them safe before and after they are installed. The CPC released a position statement highlighting the benefits of slab protection and the expectations on construction managers, general contractors, or owners to have a protection plan in place. Here are three floor protection options to choose from depending on your project needs and budget.


This temporary floor covering is designed to be nearly seamless so there is virtually no way for your floors to be damaged. It adheres to the concrete slab to prevent contamination from dirt, grime, or site debris as it protects your floor from scratches, stains, or chips. Skudo mats are non-slip and will uphold well to traffic and weather when used properly. When it’s finally time to reveal your floors after construction is complete, Skudo peels up quickly and reveals a residue-free floor.

The patent-pending 2 part Skudo commercial system is ideal for large, long-term jobs up to 12 months. Its most commonly used for concrete and terrazzo floors but can also provide protection for many other floorings. It consists of a Base Coat and Mat and comes in both Heavy (HT) and Medium Traffic options. For outdoor use, the HT is your best option due to its superior UV protection.

Ram Board

As a heavy-duty floor protection option, Ram Board is one of the best temporary floor protectors for contractors. It is not only cost-effective and reusable, it protects from liquids while allowing proper curing for newly finished floors. This breathable floor protection is great for all types of commercial and residential construction projects. Ram Board is made of 100% recycled materials, made in the USA, and contributes towards LEED efforts.

Scofield DuraCover

This product is ideal for polished concrete and terrazzo floors due to its durability and protection for both before and after installation. Its flexibility allows for easy installation and clean up. Proguard DuraCover should be installed 72 hours after concrete is placed to help protect the slab before it is polished. It should also be used after polishing to help protect it until construction is complete. Minimal clean up is necessary after removal. DuraCover protects from dust, construction debris, oil, petroleum-based liquids, and high p/H compounds.

Concrete floor protections options can be hard to choose from if you don’t know which products you can count on to get the job done right. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and you can trust the products we trust. You can’t go wrong choosing Ram Board, Scofield DuraCover, or Skudo to ensure your polished concrete has the best protection out there. If you’ve been let down by other floor protection options and your floors have been damaged, contact Royale Concrete to see how we can help restore them.

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