Concrete Polishing Might Not Be the Right Floor for You: Here’s Why

There are numerous flooring options available to choose from: carpet, hardwood, laminates, concrete. Each of these options provides different benefits and challenges, so which one is right for you? As concrete experts, we can only speak to the vast benefits and few differences polished concrete provides. But polished concrete may not be right for you for several reasons.


You may not want to choose polished concrete floors for your building or business if you want to a floor that requires higher maintenance. Polished concrete requires regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape and help prolong the life and structural integrity of your polished concrete. But once you know the basics of how to care for it, it is very simple to maintain and keep clean.

By performing regular maintenance, you can significantly help lengthen the life of your polished concrete floors. We’ve compiled a brief list of our recommendations for polished concrete maintenance.  And when you choose Royale for your polished concrete installation, we guide you through a cleaning and maintenance document and walk you and your staff through specific training for your facility. After some time, polished concrete should be refinished to bring it back to its former glory which is much more affordable than replacing the floor altogether.


Polished concrete might not be right for you if you don’t want one of the safest floors on the market. Shiny and smooth floors may seem like they would be slippery and hazardous to highly trafficked areas. However, polished concrete meets and exceeds safety standards for slip resistance which makes it the best option for warehouses, municipal buildings, schools, and every other type of business. In fact, the co-efficient of friction (slip resistance rating) is higher than unpolished concrete floors which means polished concrete is less slippery.  If you’re looking for a floor that will provide you with the longest durability and resistance to abrasions and impact, as well as being safe then polished concrete is the floor for you.

Polished concrete might not be right for you if you don’t like saving money. Some polished concrete owners have reported cost savings of up to 30% on their utility bills. Due to its reflective properties, polished concrete naturally increases ambient lighting which allows for fewer lights and wattage to be used. Installing polished concrete can also help businesses achieve LEED certifications for green building.

While there are several different floor options to choose from, there is no better choice than polished concrete. It’s vast benefits far outweigh all its competitors and its longevity is nearly unbeatable. Whether you’re in the market for a new floor, refinishing your existing concrete floor, or just exploring your options, Royale Concrete can help. We offer services such as polished concrete installation, restoration, repairs, and coatings. Visit our website to learn more about our services and view our recent work.

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