Leaders Eat Last: Simon Sinec

As Simon Sinec says, there shouldn’t be a difference between good and great leaders because you’re either a leader or you’re not. Being a leader isn’t about being a good manager of people, projects, and profits, it’s about ensuring those you lead are taken care of first. At Royale, we not only agree with the concept, but we also implement it in our daily lives. Leadership isn’t about telling people what to do to make a business successful, it’s about showing them and providing them with opportunities to be successful for themselves.

Our Philosophy

We hope you to expect more of us because we expect more of us. We are not content with simply offering lower bids in attempts to add projects to our portfolio. By seeking increasing excellence, we continue to offer high-quality work by craftsmen who are passionate rather than passive. You’ll see we believe in integrity and respect, not just because we say we do but because we live it out.

Our Vision

Many companies seek quantity growth without maintaining and pursuing quality growth. That’s where we have chosen to focus to ensure we not only meet and exceed our own expectations for business development but also continue to be the company our clients recommend and refer their friends too. Our success hinges on the quality we provide time and time again. We want to stand out in our industry as leaders in quality while also leaders in customer satisfaction.

Company Culture

As you can see, we have very high standards for ourselves and expect every member of our team to be held to these standards. By no means does this mean we aren’t a fun bunch! As we work and travel to job sites, we invest a lot of time in the relational lives of our team. Investing in your team is a sure-fire way to achieve a happier workplace, and happier employees are better employees. It’s a pleasure to enjoy those you work with and be able to call them family.

At Royale Concrete, we are not satisfied with “good enough”. We crave excellence in our quality of work and know our efforts are seen by our customers. Investing in the lives of each team member is vital to the continued success, fruitfulness, and quality of your company. We’ve taken the time to hone our skills to provide you with outstanding service and quality work every single day. Our professional concrete services include surface preparation, coatings, repair, polishing, and terrazzo polishing. Call us or visit our website to submit a project request.

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