Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete floors are one of the most durable flooring options on the market and require less maintenance than some alternative flooring options.  This benefit is among the top reasons owners choose polished concrete for their business. Like all floors, they do require some maintenance in order to help protect its beauty and enhance its longevity. In fact, the more thorough and regular the maintenance is, the longer they will last. Depending on the level of use, your floor will need a combination of daily, weekly, and yearly maintenance.


Spills occur on every floor and it’s always ideal to clean them immediately. When spills are left unattended, they can sink into the porous surface of polished concrete and leave unsightly stains that are very difficult or nearly impossible to remove. They can also deteriorate the refined and polished surface of the floor. The best practice for your polished concrete is to clean up all spills as soon as possible which also prevents them from becoming a slipping hazard or deteriorating the finish on the floor.

Daily dry mopping is recommended to remove abrasive dust particles that are attracted to the micro voids in the concrete. While dust may sound harmless, it can grind on the surface of the polished concrete and damage its clarity and shine over time.

Weekly and Monthly

Dry mopping is important, but it isn’t enough to preserve the longevity of your polished concrete floors. Wet mop weekly with clean water to help wash away debris, dirt, and other grime that accumulate on your floor’s surface. Use a pH neutral cleaner on a regular basis to suspend dirt particles and remove them easier. For larger areas, work systematically to ensure the entire floor is cleaned. Working in smaller areas at a time also helps keep the floor wet during the cleaning process. When the cleaner becomes dried on the floor before fully cleaned, it can leave a residue that requires additional cleaning to remove. Do not use any cleaning solution that is not pH neutral such as ammonia, bleach, or vinegar. These substances can damage the integrity of the floor’s surface finish.

Renewing the shine of your polished concrete floor is entirely up to you. The benefit of daily and weekly maintenance will help prolong the life and shine of your floor which will save you money each year you do not have to renew your polished concrete with a professional.

Maintaining your polished concrete floor is an investment well worth your time and energy to prolong its appearance and durability. We offer each of our polish customers daily and periodic maintenance tips and guide you through special needs specific to your facility. We also offer restorative maintenance with our professional equipment when these regular maintenance cleanings aren’t restoring your floor like they used to. This option can fully restore your floor’s finish as well as perform a deep maintenance. With over a decade of experience, Royale Concrete provides high-quality polished concrete floors as well as other services such as surface preparation, repair, coatings, and maintenance. If your floors are in need of concrete services or maintenance, Contact us today.

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