New Year: New Flooring Solutions

It’s spruce time. The time between New Years and Spring are filled with resolution making, resolution breaking, and a middle ground of finding something manageable. If you’re a business owner, manager, or really anyone in the market for a new flooring solution, Royale Concrete is your answer.  While we call a small town “home”, we don’t let that stop us from delivering our services all through the country.

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Concrete Surface Preparation

Starting from the beginning, the bottom is crucial to ensure the longest-lasting and most optimal outcome for the final floor as possible. Each floor and every project comes with unique challenges and obstacles to overcome, which is why it’s vital to carefully observe and assess the surroundings. Our team follows a process that has been developed by years of experience and research. This includes grinding the floor to remove contaminants and achieve the concrete surface profile classification for the specific type of final flooring to be installed.

Polished Concrete

Our specialty and passion lies in the detailed and quality work of polished concrete. Not only does polished concrete produce a beautifully smooth and shiny surface, but its also one of the most durable and low-maintenance flooring options available. Polished concrete isn’t a coating or an overlay, its a mechanical grinding of the concrete surface to a specific level of gloss and aggregate exposure. The final look is always unique as no two concrete surfaces are the same. It’s truly a work of art.

Terrazzo Polishing

Speaking of art, traditional terrazzo floors are often found in older, historical buildings, like museums. Not only do they hold up extremely well to high levels of use and require low maintenance, but they’re incredibly beautiful and unique. Choosing terrazzo polishing eliminates the need for annual sealing or waxing. The benefits of this flooring option are vast.

Concrete Repair

Concrete damage is often seen outdoor but indoor damage is just as likely. While the lower level of use of indoor concrete leads to a longer lifespan, it isn’t impervious to excess moisture, oils, and salt which can deteriorate the structural integrity, spalling and raveled joints. Damage can quickly become worse and require more repair when it’s ignored. It’s best to take immediate action and repair the concrete before it’s too late.


We believe in setting you up for success, especially when it comes to maintaining your polished concrete. Because polished concrete is relatively low maintenance compared to many other flooring options, some assume it’s “no maintenance”. If you want to properly maintain your floor’s durability and prolong the time in between repolishing, maintenance is highly necessary. When we complete a polishing project, we leave our client with a detailed maintenance list to help them keep up with their floor and its specific needs.

Royale Concrete is home to some of the most passionate individuals you’ll find. We’re passionate about offering you the best solution for your needs, even if those needs aren’t something we provide. We’re passionate about high-quality work and customer care because we know when you take care of people and their problems, people take care of people. We provide high-quality concrete service nationwide including surface preparation, polished concrete, terrazzo polishing, concrete repair, and more.

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