What Makes Polished Concrete So Easy to Clean?

We can’t rave enough about the vast benefits of polished concrete. Durability is nearly unbeatable, beauty is unparalleled, and maintenance is as basic as it gets. The longevity and aesthetic appeal of polished concrete are often the first things noted, but the ease of cleaning is definitely one of the most important day-to-day benefits you will encounter.  

What Polished Concrete Is

Polished concrete is unlike any other flooring option. It’s not a topical product that creates the look; it’s a process of grinding, honing, and polishing of a concrete slab to produce a specific desired finish. The surface is ground with diamond-tip tools to achieve a level of aggregate exposure and shine level determined by the customer. Over time, even with thorough care, your concrete floors may need to be re-polished to their former glory. This process can be redone when regular maintenance isn’t enough to bring back the glossy finish or if it has sustained mild damage.

What Polished Concrete Isn’t

Polished concrete maintenance isn’t like the typical processes you’d have to follow for other types of flooring. It doesn’t require stripping and waxing to keep the floor looking great. It won’t harbor excessive dust and dirt like carpets do because there aren’t fibers to hold on to it. 

Basic Maintenance

Daily maintenance for your polished concrete floors is as simple as cleaning up spills as they happen and removing debris. This can be done by dry and wet mopping as frequently as needed depending on the size of your floors and the level of use they withstand. Use a pH-neutral cleaner that is designed to be used on polished concrete, with water weekly to remove surface grime. Avoid using corrosive cleaning materials such as vinegar, citrus, or bleach, which can weaken the bonds in the concrete and damage the floor’s finish or turn it into an unsafe walking surface. 

The shiny surface of polished concrete looks impervious, but the porous surface can still be damaged. Liquids left on the surface can eventually penetrate the surface and cause staining, which could also damage the finish. Cleaning the surface quickly can prevent the frequent need for restoration work. 

Restorative Maintenance

While regular maintenance is vital to the durability and aesthetics of your polished concrete, professional restoration may be necessary over time. The frequency of restoration work will depend greatly on the day-to-day maintenance as well as the type of use the floor endures. The polished concrete will wear more in the heavier trafficked areas, which may lead to a greater need in those spaces. Professional restorative work can bring your floors back to life and back to their former glory. 

Royale Concrete: Polished Concrete Professionals

Royale Concrete is adamant in our belief that polished concrete is one of the best flooring options available. Its vast benefits outweigh the challenges especially when you see these benefits daily. If you’re considering polished concrete for your space, we’d be happy to help you navigate this decision. Our professional concrete services care for your floors from start to finish by providing concrete surface preparation, concrete polishing, terrazzo polishing, concrete repair, coatings, and maintenance plans for your polished concrete floors. Contact us today to begin your polished concrete project and be sure to check out our recent projects for inspiration.