Polished Concrete in Kansas City

Schools, warehouses, and almost every type of business in between can greatly benefit from the quality of polished concrete flooring. Its durability is nearly unmatched by any other flooring option and its maintenance is minimal. Look no further for polished concrete in Kansas City than Royale Concrete. We offer comprehensive concrete services including polishing, preparation, and maintenance to ensure your floors are as durable and hardworking as you are.

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Concrete Polishing

We specialize in concrete polishing, an incredibly detailed process that produces a durable and beautifully finished floor. Concrete polishing is a mechanical process of grinding the floor and honing the concrete surface with diamond-impregnated tools. The amount of grinding depends on the level of shine and aggregate exposure desired. We work with each individual client to identify their specific needs and desires for their flooring finish. While there may be obstacles to achieving the perfect outcome for every project, our team of expert polishers navigate each unique job and come as close to perfection as possible.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Before any concrete restoration, coating, overlay, or stain, the surface must be prepared properly. The substrate sets the stage for the final appearance and durability which makes it a vital step. We check to make sure that your substrate is sound and ensure treatment of mitigating moisture failures which can be detrimental to any flooring choice.

Terrazzo Polishing

Traditional terrazzo flooring has been avoided due to an assumption of heavy maintenance. We offer a polishing alternative that removes the need for constant coatings but still brings the same incredible appearance and shine. Terrazzo polishing and maintenance from Royale Concrete is your solution to beautiful high-quality flooring for your business.

Polished Concrete Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your polished concrete is vital to ensure you take full advantage of the durability and longevity polished concrete offers. We provide our clients with a detailed maintenance proposal to help you maintain your floors based on the level of use and the type of industry you’re in. We also offer re-polishing if your polished concrete floors have lost their shine or sustained mild damage that cleaning won’t fix. We want to increase customer satisfaction by going above and beyond the initial interaction by maintaining an ongoing relationship with our clients and meeting their individual needs.

Royale Concrete is your go-to company for polished concrete in Kansas City. We provide the highest quality service with the best materials and methods in the industry. Our team works tirelessly to deliver nearly flawlessly finished floors. For your next concrete polishing project, give us a call or visit our website to view our recent work, learn more about our professional concrete services, and submit a work request.

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