Maintaining Polished Concrete Surfaces

If you have recently had your concrete basement, commercial showroom, or other flooring surface polished for the first time, you may be excited at your floor’s like-new appearance and wonder what you need to do to keep the concrete looking pristine for years to come. While polished concrete floors are fairly low maintenance compared to other flooring options, they still require some TLC to keep them safe and to prevent them from losing their luster. Read on to learn more about Royale Concrete’s polished concrete maintenance tips and services.

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Polished Concrete Maintenance

Most of the daily maintenance you will need to perform on your floor involves keeping it clean and free from debris or spills. The methodology and schedule you use to keep your concrete floors clean can vary based on the size of your floors, or the type of industry. We recommend using a pH-neutral cleaner weekly to remove surface debris, and to avoid cleaning with just water alone. It is also important not to use vinegar, bleach, or other acidic or corrosive cleaning materials, as they can damage your floor’s finish and weaken its performance.

It’s important to clean up spills or liquids as soon as you see them. Although polished concrete may look impenetrable, it does remain a porous surface to some degree; spills that are allowed to sit on the floor for an extended period of time can eventually penetrate its surface, causing stains or damaging the finish. Once a contaminant has soaked into the floor, it can be much harder, to remove than simply wiping up a recent surface spill.

Repolishing Your Concrete Floors

Even with meticulous care, eventually, your concrete floors will need to be repolished to achieve their original shine and like-new appearance. When your floor’s finish can’t be brought back with regular maintenance, or if your floor has sustained mild damage that cleaning doesn’t seem to help, sometimes a deeper restoration using professional equipment and craftsmanship may be necessary.

The frequency with which you’ll need to have your floor repolished will depend largely on the types of cleaning materials and maintenance processes you have used on your floors in the past, and the type of traffic (or type of use) your floor regularly receives.

If it has been a while since your polished concrete floors received some love, contact Royale Concrete to customize a solution that is the right fit for you. Our seasoned team of professionals not only provide polished concrete maintenance tips, but also repolishing and restoration services.


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