Supporting CPC: Position #1

The Concrete Polishing Council (CPC) of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) recently published three position statements that highlight a few key aspects of the concrete polishing industry. Today we would like to address Position Statement #1 and its effects on Royale Concrete and our work.

The CPC (formerly CPAA) was recently formed under the ASCC umbrella as a special council in order to broaden the scope of their expertise in polished concrete. The CPC is one of four specialty councils under the ASCC’s authority. One of the purposes of this merger is to increase the depth of practical and technical knowledge of all members and to create a high-quality end product for customers. As the concrete contract community is one of the most integrative and sharing industries, this benefits both the consumer and the members within the community.

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Position Statement #1

The first position released by the CPC focuses on the priority of slab protection and the responsibility involved in this task. As concrete polishing is an exposed concrete finish using the concrete slab itself, the protection of its surface is extremely important. Currently, in most specifications, the protection of this surface is the expected responsibility of the polishing contractor. The difficulty of this assumption is that the concrete polishing contractors are only present for the polishing, not for the entire project build out either before or after polishing. Protecting the slab is often necessary before and after polishing the surface, therefore the responsibility for maintaining the installed protection should not be placed solely on the polishing contractor but rather on all other contractors, subcontractors, and other personnel working on the project before and after the concrete polishing is completed.

The authority needed to enforce the protection plan in the architectural specifications does not rest upon the subcontractors involved in the project but rather should be enforced by either the construction manager, general contractor, or the owner of the site. The responsibility and authority of all trades, schedules, and work needed for the whole job rest upon those few key players alone. In order to attempt a remedy of this issue, many CPC polishing contractors include a clause in their bid documents called “protection by others” to remove themselves from the responsibility of slab protection when they are not present.

It is recommended that CPC polishing contractors be present and involved in developing a Concrete Floor Protection Plan (CFPP) and are able to approve signage that specifies protection protocols for post-placement and post-polishing slab protection. Other contractors can and should have their own statements protecting their responsibility and agreement to comply with the CFPP.  

Royale Concrete is passionate about the concrete polishing industry and the continued education of our team members. As active members in our industry and members on several boards, we have made it our mission to exceed in ethics, customer service, and satisfaction. These position statements released by the CPC have been an excellent source of information and authority in our industry.

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