Supporting CPC: Position #2

This second piece in our Concrete Polishing Council Position miniseries will take a look at Position Statement #2 and review our thoughts and support for the CPC. This piece focuses on the slip resistance of polished concrete and its effect on each gloss level used.

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Is Polished Concrete Slip Resistant?

The beauty of polished concrete is highlighted in its smooth and glossy surface. It allows for easy maintenance, which is perfect for many public areas and highly trafficked buildings. One question that architects and building owners have raised is the slip resistance of polished concrete. The CPC contacted and contracted with the Tile Council of North America to assess and evaluate the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) values that had been set in the American National Standards Specification for Ceramic Tile. The standard sets the minimum DCOF of 0.42 for indoor tile that has the possibility of becoming wet.

DCOF GraphA study was completed in 2015 with a polished concrete slab with 48 unique test sections that include four aggregate exposure classes and four gloss levels and repeated three times to ensure a clear result. Using a calibrated BOT 3000E machine, randomly selected areas were tested under wet conditions. There were 576 different tests completed on the slab with the results included in this post.

The graph shows the average of all measurements. These results highlight the differences in the gloss and aggregates and how the slip resistance is greater with a lower gloss level. The aggregate exposure classes do not influence the slip resistance, only the gloss levels allow for the variance. It is important to note that regardless of the gloss level, all exceed the minimum allowed DCOF of 0.42.

These results have been presented at the World of Concrete Polishing Luncheon and published in Concrete Dėcor in 2015. As there is limited research in the polished concrete industry, these test results help us set a standard for slip resistance for polished concrete surfaces in our industry.

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