Supporting CPC: Position #3

In the final installment of our three-part series on the review of the position statements recently released by the CPC, we will discuss the coordination of concrete and polishing contractors’ subcontractors. These three position statements have highlighted several important topics in the concrete polishing industry, which are often unknown, under-considered, or ignored. Part of the goal of these articles is to unify the concrete industry rather than create strife during the planning, execution, and finishing of construction projects. One struggle contractors face is the timing of each contractors’ and subcontractors’ part of the schedule planning.

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Many construction projects leave the flooring until last on the schedule to allow further consideration and planning for the floor choice. This can be a fine option when installing flooring over a concrete slab. However, this can be detrimental to a project when polished concrete is the flooring choice. Whereas most floors are covering the concrete slab, concrete polishing is leaving the concrete slab exposed as a final floor finish. When this scenario is not discussed prior to the execution process, it can lead to a shift in the scope, price, and schedule of the entire project.

When the polished concrete floor is one of the last finishes to be completed, serious repair and restoration may be necessary prior to the polishing process, if not tackled ahead of time. As stated, these repairs increase the time, cost, and finished product of the project. It may also determine the specific polished finish that was chosen cannot be created as the owner desired which leads to another round of revisions to the scope.

Without proper coordination, the final product may not be the finished polished floor the owner ordered, and no one wants to tell the boss he can’t have what he wanted. As stated in position statement #3, the best recommendations to alleviate as much of this strife as possible include:

  • Discuss and price out what the polishing contractor needs from the concrete contractor’s work;
  • Discuss and price out the effects of changes in the floor flatness with time (curling for slabs-on-ground) and ensure that these effects are considered before final selection of the polished concrete surface;
  • Discuss and price out the concrete floor protection plan (see CPC Position Statement #1) after initial slab placement (post-placement) and after polishing is complete (post-polishing);
  • Determine if the scope of work specified for the concrete placement and polishing subcontractors will result in the owner’s desired final polished appearance; and
  • Allow both subcontractors to attend pre-construction meetings before slab placement and to evaluate completed work during construction.

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