When to Invest in Concrete Repair

If you have found yourself dismayed at the sight of cracked or damaged concrete flooring in your industrial or commercial building, you may be wondering what you can do to aesthetically and functionally improve your floors. While concrete is a durable and long-lasting building material, it is susceptible to certain types of damage, and repairing these issues sooner rather than later is key to avoiding expensive and unsightly deterioration. Read on to learn more about some of the most common causes of concrete damage, and when you should invest in a professional concrete repair company.

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Common Causes of Damage to Commercial Concrete

Concrete may look completely solid, but is actually porous and can be harmed by excess moisture, salt, and oil.

If employees come straight into your building from the snowy outdoors in the winter, you may sprinkle salt pellets on outside walkways to minimize ice build up. While salt can be quite helpful when it comes to melting snow and ice, it can cause a chemical reaction atop your interior and exterior concrete flooring that results in pitting and spalling. Switching to a potassium or non-salt-based de-icer outside during winter’s in the northern states can help preserve your indoor concrete surfaces, as can using heavy-duty floor mats to absorb outdoor moisture and salt.

What Can You Do About Your Industrial Building’s Damaged Concrete?

The type of concrete repair you need will largely depend on the type and level of damage you are facing. Small to medium cracks can usually be professionally patched with a concrete sealant that’s just as durable as the underlying material, protecting against further damage. Concrete spalling or pitting can also be covered with a sealant, albeit using a different process. Leaving unfilled joints, cracks, or degradation in the slab will ravel and deteriorate very rapidly. It is important to fill these properly. Once any cracks or other damaged areas are repaired, the concrete may be polished to give it a like-new sheen.

High-quality concrete patching and polishing can appear to be quite a task for your company to accomplish. Hire a company that specializes in commercial and industrial concrete applications. Royale Concrete has the experience you need to ensure the job is done right the first time. If you are tired of looking at your broken, scuffed up, or stained concrete floors, give Royale Concrete a call.

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