Why is Concrete Surface Preparation Important?

If you are planning to rejuvenate your current concrete substrate with a final finish, you are probably eager to begin. While watching as the first surface is freshly applied can be incredibly satisfying from an aesthetic perspective, ensuring the concrete substrate is properly prepared before you get started is key to ensuring the longevity and functionality of your floor to for many years.  In many cases, surface prep is necessary for many flooring options such as coatings, overlays, tile, carpeting, and laminate flooring.

Many cases of premature wear, peeling, or other floor failures can be the direct result of improper or inadequate concrete surface preparation. If you have found yourself frustrated with other companies producing poor quality and short-term finishes, you will want to get in touch with a professional like Royale Concrete. Read on to learn more about our team’s process of preparing your concrete before the installation of your finish flooring surfaces. 

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Why Surface Preparation is Important

Any final floor finish is only as good as the substrate upon which it is installed, and if you are spending your hard-earned money on a new floor, you want to make sure it is built to last. It is far more cost-effective to prepare a surface properly from the start than to have to reinstall your floor finish later after a failure occurs.

Most of the problems that can come from improper surface preparation boil down to the fact that the surface you are placing on top is only as good as the surface below. It is important the surface you are installing on top of has integrity. Our Royale team preps the concrete surface in a number of ways, these include removal of residual mastics, glues or grouts from a previous flooring installation.  If neccessary we also repair degradation. We also address any contaminants that may be present such as oils, drywall mud, or potentially even moisture. Our team grinds the floor to achieve the specific CSP for the new flooring surface to be applied. Surface preparation acts like insurance for the final floor finish, whether that is carpet, coatings, decorative, overlay and more. 

Understanding CSP

Our team utilizes Concrete Surface Profile classifications supplied from ICRI guidelines to help determine floor textures that range on a scale from nearly flat to very rough. These guidelines recommend and aid contractors in determining a suitable base and surface for specific floor finishes. CSP provides applicable guidelines to effectively communicate and to meet surface preparation requirements.

What Surface Preparation Involves

Preparing the surface of a concrete substrate to receive a final floor finish involves cleaning and evening the surface while ensuring moisture mitigation issues are addressed. Installation of moisture mitigation systems are an option for floors that have the potential for failure due to moisture. They can also be used for anyone that wants added insurance that moisture won’t be an issue later on. Moisture issues in a slab can be caused by many things, some that may be known and present at the time of a floor finish being installed and others that can occur later on. A successful mitigation installation ensures that no matter what happens now or later, moisture in the slab won’t cause the floor finish to fail.

While the hazards of an improperly-prepared concrete surface can manifest almost immediately after the floor is installed, ensuring your concrete constitutes a solid base for your new floor doesn’t need to be an extensive process. Professional preparation is key to guaranteeing your floor’s longevity.

Our efficient workers can make sure your concrete substrates are in sound condition and have been treated to mitigate moisture failures before your new floor finish is installed, helping you enjoy their durability and like-new appearance for years to come.


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