Recovering from Winter Salt Effects on Polished Concrete

It takes a while for winter to wrap up in the Midwest, which can lead many to forego or forget to clean up after the slush and salt mixtures. While some people head to a car wash to flush out the salt trapped in the car’s undercarriage, the salt trudged into your space with polished concrete floors isn’t as easy to get rid of. Read on to learn more about the best solution to pesky and stubborn salt residues on your floor.

Salt Damage

The de-icing salts that protect vehicles from sliding on the roads and pedestrians from falling on the sidewalk are completely necessary during Midwest winters, but these mildly acidic materials attack the bonds of concrete surfaces and can do some serious damage to your polished concrete floor.  If left alone, salt residues can sink into the porous concrete and compromise the integrity of the floor as well as leave unsightly staining, which is not as easy to remove. Concrete floors are much more likely to become damaged when their moisture levels or pH are disturbed. Be sure to take proper care of your polished concrete to help ensure its longest life cycle possible.


One of the many benefits of polished concrete is it has rather low maintenance needs, compared to other flooring options. Performing a regular schedule of polished concrete maintenance is imperative to keeping your floor looking its best and withstanding use year after year. Some floors may require a higher level of maintenance than others based on the frequency and type of use, and the cleaning materials and methods used on a regular basis. Royale Concrete provides specialized maintenance services to help protect the longevity and luster of your polished concrete flooring.


Maintenance is the best way to protect your polished concrete on a regular basis, but over time damage could befall your beautiful polished concrete. Investing in concrete restoration is well worth its cost to bring your floor to a like-new condition. Moisture, salt, oil, and other liquids can penetrate the porous surface of your polished concrete floor and cause discoloration or damage which cannot be mended with regular cleaning or maintenance methods. Our team specializes in all types of concrete restoration and can bring your floor back to its former glory with our high-quality craftsmanship and expertise.

For all of your concrete maintenance, restoration, or polishing needs, Royale Concrete has you covered. Over a decade of experience has allowed us to hone our skills to provide only the highest quality concrete services locally and nationwide. We invest in continued education to learn how to better serve our customers and offer exceptional customer service while producing the best floor that we can for you. If your floors are in need of a post-winter spruce up or restoration, give us a call today or visit our website to learn more about how we can help you.

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