Justin Toben Celebrates 10 Years at Royale Concrete

He is Mr. RELIABLE, and super FLEXIBLE, almost to a fault. You could TRUST him with your life, let alone the success of your project. Over the years, he has pushed himself and grown into a PROFESSIONAL and expert in our industry. Helping our team find creative SOLUTIONS to problems or hurdles and busting through roadblocks is a natural instinct for him.

He has the mental and physical stamina to keep going until something is done right, no matter how tired or frustrated he gets. He has the personal ETHICS and STANDARDS to do a job right, even if the road to get there is much harder or longer. Our customers and vendors love working with him and he has built so many meaningful and lasting relationships along his journey with Royale. He garners respect from anyone he works with by consistently doing what he says he is going to do. Over the years he has also honed his craft and become a TRUE ARTISAN in the work that he produces. He grows and learns and overcomes challenges every day, and is a great team player. He is clever and witty with a great sense of humor. As the master of casual, you can hardly get the guy out of a hoodie or t-shirt no matter how hard you try. He has always been hands-on and because of that, you will find him perpetually dirty. He just digs in and does what is necessary, he simply doesn’t know how to be any other way. Though he is all these things and more, he remains humble as ever. So in short, we all think he is pretty neat here at Royale. But who really cares what we think, right?

The Reviews Say It All

“Justin is a Royale Concrete team member that is dedicated to keeping their reputation as a Class A contractor.  He is always willing to put in the extra work to make a finished product the best it can be. Justin uses the phrase ‘whatever it takes to make you happy’ often. He is proficient, professional, polite, timely and never afraid of the projects that I refer to as ‘this will be a challenge for you’. He is a pleasure to work with.”   – Bill (Customer)

“Master Craftsman – a person can tell that not just from the award winning projects that Royale has produced under Justin’s direction. But the real indicator, is how he struggles with a “Value Engineered Project” and has to find a way to produce a floor he can live with in order to stay within budget & time constraints. It is a mark of a true craftsman when this compromise is a internal struggle for him. It is talent like this that gives Royale Concrete some of the best customer retention rates & repeat business in this industry.”   – Bruce (Industry Expert/Educator)

If Justin were cheese, he would be gouda… But seriously, Justin was extremely flexible in dealing with our production demands and still met the deadline and the floor turned out great! When we do the next round, I definitely want Justin back to lead the crew.”  – Tom (Funny Customer)

“Justin is as conscientious about his workmanship as he is about his quest for creating raving customers!  I always know that my systems will be correctly installed to provide the service levels that Royale’s customers have come to expect.   Justin is truly a scholar of his profession with 100’s of thousands of square feet to prove it.  Congratulations, Justin!”  – Paul (Vendor/Manufacturer)

I have had the pleasure of working with Royale Concrete for the last 3 years as one of their suppliers. Justin is a true craftsman of polished concrete and a great leader. I have seen on many occasions where Justin has stepped up to challenging jobs and completed them with hard work and exceptional skill, all while teaching the crew new skills and keeping everyone laughing.”  – Lance (Vendor)

Please help us in congratulating our Field Supervisor Justin Toben (Tobe) on his 10 year anniversary on our Royale team. We thank you for your dedication and commitment to all that Royale represents throughout the 10 years you have been with us. You are a true representation of our core values and consistently help us knock our customer guarantee’s out of the park.  We are so proud to have you as an influential member of our team and leader in the field.


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