Safety Awards & Importance of Safety

The American Society of Concrete Contractors annual conference was hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina this past September. Our team had the honor of being invited and nominated for several awards. The first award was acknowledging our president, Jessica Ledger-Kalen, with the Gaining Strength award. The other two are equally as honoring as they acknowledge our entire team and our constant efforts for safety.

2018 Safety Award Certification of Recognition

This award is given to companies who exhibit an incident rate below the national average for contractors. This is a true victory as we attempt to maintain the safety and health of each of our team members on a daily basis. There is constant scrutiny in our industry and it’s an honor to be nominated and awarded this recognition.

2018 Safety Award Zero Lost Time

This award is not only an achievement to be proud of as a business, but also as a team. Thankfully we achieved zero lost workdays due to injury and illness this year. We aim for this award each year.

Safety Mission

A mantra we bring into every area of our business is “do the right thing”. This mantra is evident in our safety practices and protocol as we always protect the wellbeing of our clients and team members. We stand by the high standards the American Society of Concrete Contractors has set and implemented them in our own safety practices.

General Safety Practices

  • Its ideal to have at least one CPR/first aid certified person on site at all time to treat any work-related injury immediately.
  • Avoid heavy trafficked areas when hoisting heavy loads and ensure a safe parameter around hoist zones.
  • Equipment and machinery should only be operated by licensed individuals to reduce the likelihood of injury or damage
  • OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour certifications are ideal to help maintain the safety of all team members.

There is no excuse for a lack of safety practices, protocols, and enforcement when you are given the opportunity to be apart of the ASCC. They provide numerous resources for general contractors and specialty contractors including a very detailed safety plan. We are thankful for the structure of this association and the privilege of being a part of this community of contractors dedicated to safety and quality.

At Royale Concrete, we are honored to be recognized for our efforts to maintain the utmost safety in our business. We specialize in polished concrete and other professional concrete services including repair, maintenance, coatings, surface preparation, and terrazzo polishing. To begin your next concrete project, give us a call or visit our website to submit a work proposal, view our recent work, and view our services.

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