Surface Preparation and Why it Matters

Preparation is an important part of many tasks in our daily lives: meal prep, test prep, and travel prep, just to name a few. Surface preparation is an integral step for concrete restoration as it prepares the surface for any coatings, overlays, or stains. Without carefully planning, evaluating, and creating the best conditions for concrete surface, you risk the floor. Preparation varies for each task it precedes so here’s a brief overview of why we believe surface preparation is so vital for all floors.

Why Prep?

Preparation for any situation betters the likelihood of the ideal outcome. Of course, there are unforeseen circumstances that can deter the perfect execution, but by being prepared we can quickly adjust and adapt to overcome these obstacles. When you invest in high-quality flooring, you want it to have the best durability and longevity possible. It is much more cost effective to prepare the surface right the first time rather than to replace the entire floor after a failure occurs.

What Happens Without Prep

As we mentioned, without surface preparation for the final finish, the outcome of your floor may not be what you had wanted. Without surface preparation, you may experience premature wear, peeling, or other floor failures. Moisture is one of the main causes of floor failure, especially when present before floor installation. If these issues are not addressed before the floor is finished, it may result in a failure in the floor’s appearance and function.

What We Prep

One of the first steps for surface preparation is to grind the floors to remove any contaminants that remain after removal of the previous floor. By using the CSP (concrete surface profile classifications) required for your floor’s final finish, we can ensure the floor is properly prepared for its final covering. We also ensure your substrates are in good condition and make sure we address and mitigate moisture issues before laying any final finishes.

How We Prep

The CSP, supplied by the ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute), gives guidelines for specific floor finishes to help contractors prepare different floor textures and bases. We abide by these guidelines as we grind and prep the surface of the floor. Addressing moisture issues and mitigating them are key in surface preparation. At times, moisture mitigation systems may be installed for floors with the potential for failure due to moisture. While some moisture issues are known at the time of surface preparation, some can occur later so installation of a moisture mitigation system can be an added insurance that moisture won’t be a future problem.

Professional surface preparation is imperative when installing a new floor. Surface preparation from Royale Concrete includes all of the necessary steps to ensure your floor will manifest its best longevity and durability possible. We also offer other professional concrete services including concrete polishing, repair, coatings, and more. Contact us today to ensure your floors are properly prepared and ready for long-term use.