What is a Concrete Densifier?

With all of the advancements in the concrete industry, concrete densifiers stand out and are amazing products with important benefits. Concrete densifiers are not only confusing for those outside of concrete industries but can even cause some confusion for those within the industry as well. Today we are covering what a densifier is, how it works, and the benefits of using these products.

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What is a Concrete Densifier?

In a nutshell, a concrete densifier is a chemical hardener that is most commonly applied on top of the concrete slab after placement, and if polishing the slab, it is used during the process of refinement. Regardless if the slab is polished or left unpolished, using a densifier is an economical way to add strength, endurance, and longevity to a concrete slab. Concrete densifiers are used as part of the refinement process of concrete polishing but are also widely used on unfinished concrete slabs. This product acts as a pore filler and increases the surface density of the concrete slab. When applied, the densifier deeply penetrates the concrete slab, creates a chemical reaction, and produces a byproduct that fills every pore. This outcome hardens the concrete surface while also reducing pitting. It increases the surface durability significantly compared to concrete surfaces that are not treated with a densifier.

How Does it Work?

Throughout and during the process of curing, concrete slabs produce a byproduct called free lime (concrete dusting).  This product is calcium carbonate, which when it reacts with the concrete densifier can produce a stronger substance. Because concrete slabs are porous by nature, using a densifier is a great way to make them less porous and stronger overall as a finished floor surface.  When the concrete densifier reacts with the free lime, calcium-silicate-hydrate gel forms. This gel is a very dense and hard crystal which forms a continuous layer. The chemical reaction that is produced binds the concrete and densifier together, making the slab stronger and more durable to wear than it was before treatment.  Another added benefit of treating your floor with a densifier is that it stops the floor from dusting (a continual natural occurance with concrete over time).


What Are the Benefits?

Polished concrete is preferable for many buildings, factories, and other facilities. Due to its strength building and resistance to wear, concrete densifiers are an ideal accessory for polished floor surfaces in a variety of settings including stadiums, hospitals, government buildings, airports, and factories. Adding this economical step to our refinement process helps increase the finished floor’s resistance to moisture, chemicals, oil, grease, and abrasion.  It takes much longer to show wear from pedestrian or vehicle tracks and increases light reflection.

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