Common Polished Concrete Questions Answered

Over the many years we have been in business, we’ve studied diligently to be able to understand the polishing industry and how we can best serve our customers by providing the highest quality floors with the best customer service and experience. There are numerous questions regarding polished concrete and today we are going to cover a few of the most common polished concrete questions.

What is Polishing Concrete?

Contrary to assumption, polishing concrete is not a chemical coating or sealant that makes concrete shiny. Its a mechanical process using diamond tooling and grinders to refine the existing concrete floor, making it a manufactured polished concrete. This process requires experience and craftsmanship to ensure proper installation and finish are achieved. The final appearance can vary based on the desired level of aggregate exposure and level of sheen specified by each client.

Can Damaged Floors Be Polished?

Of course, they can! We specialize in restoration of uneven, cracked, or damaged floors. If the substrate is in decent condition, we can restore it. Typically, unless the concrete slab is fresh, there is light resurfacing needed before polished concrete can be installed. There may be pieces that require replacement if they are beyond repair but we can restore the majority of the existing concrete and prepare it for polishing or other final flooring options. We want to make sure your floors are in optimal condition for installation.

How Do I Clean Polished Concrete?

Maintenance for polished concrete is very easy compared to other flooring options. Simple dust mopping and occasional wet mopping or scrubbing are often the only regular maintenance they need. When polished concrete is maintained properly, it’s durability and longevity is nearly unbeatable. We are happy to come up with a maintenance plan for your specific uses to help you get the most out of your polished concrete.

Is It Slippery and Unsafe?

We would never recommend polished concrete if we didn’t believe in the quality of the finish it produces. Polished concrete is very safe and nonslippery when maintained properly.  When taken care of properly, polished concrete has better slip resistance than regular concrete making it an excellent option for high trafficked areas such as schools, municipal buildings, and warehouses. Learn more from our recent post What You Don’t Know About Concrete Polishing.

Can My Basement Be Polished?

At this time we do not perform residential work due to the large size of our machinery.  Although it is possible to polish basement floors, it’s very difficult to maneuver stairways and small spaces with our commercial size grinders. We’d be happy to offer other solutions and ideas for how to best finish your basement flooring.

Polished concrete is easily misunderstood but we are happy to answer any question you may have to help clear up any confusion. We want to make sure our customers know the vast benefits of polished concrete and how it can be ideal for their business or building. We offer professional concrete services including polished concrete, repair, surface preparation, terrazzo polishing, and more. Get in touch with us today to begin your concrete project.

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