What You Don’t Know About Concrete Polishing

Let’s face it – concrete doesn’t seem like a very exciting topic. A no-nonsense form of flooring that is often found in industrial applications, the common perception prevails: concrete is useful, but not that interesting.

However, concrete can actually be quite exciting. With the potential to look great, stand the test of time, and complement everything from stylish homes to popular businesses, there’s a lot to love about this multifunctional material. Here’s the truth behind the art of polished concrete.

Concrete Can Be Beautiful

Think there’s no such thing as attractive concrete? Think again. Polished concrete hardly resembles its rougher, untreated sibling, looking closer in style and texture to a higher class stone, like granite. With a little polish, concrete can be the perfect fit for a home, school, warehouse, shop, manufacturing facility, or any other destination that requires both beauty and durability.

Polished Concrete Is Slippery and Unstable

While standard concrete is known as a stable surface with a minimized risk of tripping, slipping, or falling, polished concrete appears just the opposite. Sleek, smooth, and ultra-shiny, it’s not surprising that many people believe polished concrete would be a hazard in a place of business. This, of course, isn’t true at all. Polished concrete is a secure form of flooring that is used extensively in industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities that must adhere to strict safety measures. At Royale Concrete, all of our products exceed NFSI and ANSI standards for a slip resistant floor surface.

Concrete Can Be Colorful

If you’re used to grey or beige concrete, you’re not alone. Most people associate concrete with a bland, boring experience, but concrete can be anything but. In the polishing process, it is possible to treat concrete using a variety of colors, creating patterns or simply deviating from the norm. This allows concrete to essentially morph into the look and feel you have in mind, offering unlimited customization options for your home or business.

Any Concrete Can Be Polished

If you currently have traditional concrete floors, you may think it’s too late to do anything about it. You may think you’re stuck with your floors just the way they are, or that you’ll need to install brand new concrete floors before any kind of finish can be installed. Luckily, this is a fallacy. As long as your concrete floors are structurally sound and in good condition, it’s possible to craft a polished concrete floor finish with your existing slab. Concrete has a long life as it is, and polishing only extends concrete’s useful years.

Concrete polishing practices can bring color, shine, and strength to your floors, transforming a potentially dry, drab surface into something beautiful and long-lasting. When you’re looking for the best team in town to do the hard part for you, Royale Concrete is perfect for the job. With over a decade of experience in Iowa and across the Midwest, we’re always here when you need help.

From surface preparation to polishing, we’ll make sure your floors look better than ever.

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