How Does Concrete Placement & Concrete Polishing Affect One Another?

As we all know, subcontractors have different and unique scopes that can often affect the work of others during construction projects. Sometimes working with other trades can cause frustration, rework, or re-dos, which lead to delays and additional costs. The more information that can be shared and understood between subcontractors, the smoother the project will go for all involved. Particularly with concrete finishers and concrete polishers, these two contractors must work closely in order to successfully execute the architects or customers objectives to produce a beautiful floor.  

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Working In Unity

The most important thing to remember when working with and around other subcontractors on a construction project is unity. The purpose of each subcontractor is to do their job and produce a product or service to meet the needs and wants of the customer. Problems often arise within the difference of contractor scopes and how each individual scope can affect the others. Concrete placement and finishing and concrete polishing are directly related on several levels. Without the concrete placement contractor understanding how his work will affect the concrete polishers final result, it can be difficult to reach the end result that an architect or customer desires. For example, many things can cause issues to the final product such as the addition of water to the concrete mix while on site. This may be common practice for a concrete slab that is covered with carpet, but it can cause major issues to the concrete’s appearance when it is polished, rather than covered.  

The blame game is easy to play when there are many subcontractors involved on the same project. If slab placement isn’t right for the polishing that is to follow, the polishers cannot produce the finish and look the architect or owners want. The blame can easily be pointed to the polishers for not producing the desired outcome, but also to the slab placement subcontractor for not preparing correctly, and back to the polishers for not specifying the needed placement for the polishing. This creates such a mess for all involved, and through all the blame, the customer loses their desired outcome. We care about working together for the good of our customer and doing all within our power to produce the finished floor they desire.  

While we can offer our experience in collaborating with subcontractors, we also support the Concrete Polishing Council’s statements released recently. These statements bring unity to our industry and shed light on several areas of high importance. CPC Position Statment #3 highlights benefits and key subjects to address when working with concrete and polishing subcontractors. These three articles offer insight and educational content in order to help define the industry and the roles within the industry.

Royale Concrete is one of the leading concrete polishing companies in the concrete industry. We have extensive experience in working with other trades on the job site and we place immense value in understanding the importance of working in unity. With years of highly qualified experience and continued education, we offer our polishing service to businesses and companies all across the nation. Our services extend from concrete polishing, surface preparation, terrazzo polishing, repair, coatings, and maintenance. No matter the project, we are thrilled to be a part of creating a work of art wherever we go. Give us a call today or visit our website to learn more about our work, projects, and other industry news.

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