Polished Concrete: How the Glassy Looking Floor is Actually Extremely Slip Resistant

We don’t often notice the floors of a building unless they are beautiful or broken; the ones in between are overlooked. Some of the most note-worthy floors are shiny, not because they’re clean, but simply because of their nature. You may be asking yourself what makes these floors so unique. How is it possible that polished concrete flooring can be so shiny, yet meets slip resistance standards? And most importantly, how can you achieve this flooring solution for your business?

What Is the Glassy Look?

The glassy appearance of polished concrete floors is often mistaken as the result of a recent coating or sealant. While these wax, seal, or glaze products do temporarily produce a glossy look, it must be reapplied to maintain its high shine appearance. The glossy look of polished concrete is created by extremely fine mechanical grinding and honing of the concrete surface with diamond tools. The grinding can be done to achieve several different looks depending on the level of aggregate exposure and level of shine you’re looking for which last significantly longer than a coating or sealer. Professional polishers typically do not recommend applying wax, sealants, or coatings over polished floors as a best practice and most of the time they are not necessary as the mechanical refinement of the concrete produces adequate sheen.

Is It Less Slippery?

Shine is often associated with slipperiness, but this isn’t the case with polished concrete. In fact, polished concrete actually has a higher slip resistance than traditional concrete. Slip resistance measures the ability of a surface to resist slipping even when wet. It’s measured by several tests that ensure levels are accurately recorded in all types of conditions. The Concrete Polishing Council supervised over 576 tests on 48 test sections of the 16 different gloss and aggregate exposures for polished concrete to create a graph which conclusive identifies the dynamic coefficient of friction measurements. Each test confirmed polished concrete’s slip resistance is much higher than the minimum allowed slip resistance for concrete floor surfaces.

Other Benefits of Polished Concrete

High slip resistance isn’t the only benefit to choosing polished concrete for your business. Compared to many other flooring options, polished concrete has a significantly longer life span. Not only is it extremely durable in high-traffic areas, but it’s also very low maintenance so it can hold up in those high-traffic areas for extended periods of time before the need for restoration. It’s also naturally attractive and aesthetically pleasing due to its gleaming surface. This reflective surface then saves you money by reducing your need for additional lighting. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly flooring solution, polished concrete is the trifecta: highly sustainable, low maintenance, and durable.

Choose a Slip-Resistant Flooring Solution

Royale Concrete knows the best flooring solution for many businesses, warehouses, or factories is often polished concrete. It’s high slip resistance, low maintenance needs, aesthetic appeal, and environmentally friendly features make it the ideal option. Our professional concrete services ensure the best start to finish customer services and the highest quality finished product every time. Our services include surface preparation, polished concrete, terrazzo polishing, coatings, repairs, and maintenance. If you’re ready for a shiny, slip-resistant flooring solution for your company, contact us to begin your polished concrete project today.