Polished Terrazzo Maintenance

If you have recently polished your terrazzo floors you are likely already enjoying their sophisticated, streamlined appearance. These floors combine all the beauty and structural integrity of marble with the budget-friendliness of composite and are perfect for adding durable sparkle to your commercial or industrial space. Many of the country’s most eye-catching architecture incorporates terrazzo elements in lieu of pure marble. View our team’s latest project involving existing terrazzo staircases in a school.

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Traditionally, terrazzo floors are installed, ground flat, and then covered with a heavy wax or sealer that produces a shiny and smooth texture. Most facilities find themselves stripping this heavy sealer or wax top layer yearly and then reapplying. This can be a lengthy and costly solution when it comes to terrazzo floor maintenance. Royale Concrete offers an alternative to the waxing and sealing, with their polishing services. Polishing these unique floors mechanically refines the surface until it achieves a quality and durable surface. Similar to polished concrete, our team utilizes diamond tooling outfitted on our grinders, and every step is an act of refining the surface further and further until reaching a very refined surface which also produces a high shine. Once a polish has been achieved, there is no need to constantly apply a thick wax or sealer on top. Read on to learn more about Royale Concrete’s terrazzo maintenance services.

Types of Terrazzo Floors

There are two types of terrazzo flooring. The oldest method of installation is called cementitious terrazzo.  Many older or historical buildings utilize this type of terrazzo flooring. More recently, however, terrazzo floors have also been created with an epoxy, which is the most popular method of installation for new terrazzo floors. Both cementitious and epoxy based terrazzo can be mechanically polished.

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Polished terrazzo maintenance is identical to the process used for maintaining polished concrete. Most facilities are familiar with polished concrete these days, but polished terrazzo is less common due to a lack of knowledge on the topic. Although wax might look great immediately after application of terrazzo floors, it is not durable and degrades quickly, causing additional re-application. Royale’s expert team has years of experience in maintaining and polishing these floors and can work with you to develop a maintenance program that works with your schedule, budget, and frequency of use.

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