Why Your Polished Concrete Floors Should Be on Your Spring Cleaning List

Spring is the time of the year we all yearn for but still harbor a bit of dislike for. It comes around every year with the anticipation for warmer days but before we can enjoy longer days and warmer weather, we all need to take a minute and clear out the cobwebs. Midwest winters are full of snow and the inevitable sidekick, salt. This mixture of water and salt can leave some pretty annoying residue to clean up. We all have a list of spring cleaning projects, but are your polished concrete floors on the list?

Regular Maintenance

While the frequency of your regular maintenance for your polished concrete floors may vary based on the type of use and traffic your floor takes, all floors need to be taken care of. Not only does regular cleaning make them nice to look at but it also allows them to last much longer than floors that are not cleaned and cared for. Polished concrete can be dry mopped as much as you’d like to clear any dust, dirt, or debris from the surface. Wet mopping with a gentle cleaner is also a common regular maintenance practice that helps remove any contaminants or oils from the surface. Some liquids, particularly acidic ones, can over time eat away at the finish of your floor and sink into the porous surface of your floor. If left unattended to, this can cause the strong bonds of the concrete to break making it more susceptible to further damage. It’s often the small and easy cleaning methods that are forgone but can make such a huge impact on the longevity and durability of your polished concrete floor.

Deep Cleaning

If your regular cleaning schedule has been somewhat abandoned, it may be time for deep cleaning. It’s ideal to do a deep clean on your polished concrete floors several times throughout the year to help your floors maintain their long-lasting effectiveness. We suggest removing all items from the floor and performing a thorough vacuuming, dry mopping, and wet clean with a pH-neutral cleaner. Allow your floors to dry before you put everything back. Doing this each season can greatly prolong the life of your floors and allow them to look as clean as possible.

Restoration Work

We know even when following a strict and thorough cleaning schedule there may come a time when your polished concrete floors need more than a little soap and water can provide. If you notice your floor’s finish isn’t brought back after keeping up with regular and deep cleaning methods, it may be time for your floors to be re-polished. Concrete experts can bring your floors back to life with professional equipment and expert craftsmanship. Even if your floor has sustained mild damage, a deep restoration method can be used to repair the floor to as close to new as possible.

At Royale Concrete, we know winter takes a toll on the cleanliness of polished concrete, so we anticipate the need for this reminder. It’s time to put your polished concrete floors on your spring cleaning list and ensure they’re up for the hard work they’ll endure during the year. If your floors are in need of professional cleaning or restorative work, call Royale Concrete. You can also request a proposal, read more about our services, and view our gallery from previous projects.