A Cost-Effective Flooring Solution: Polishing Your Concrete Floor

It’s inevitable: a new floor will always come with upfront costs. These costs will vary depending on which flooring option you choose, the contractor who installs it, and the size of your space. However, if you choose the right flooring option, that initial investment can come with long-term financial, time, and environmental savings. To decide which flooring is the best fit for your space, you’ll likely need to do a fair amount of research on the available options. We’ll ease your burden of researching polished concrete and give you our professional expertise on how polished concrete can be the best cost-effective flooring solution.

Fiscal Savings

As we mentioned, the upfront investment of a new floor is relatively fixed but the return on that investment can be great. With polished concrete, you’ll experience a long life cycle of your regularly maintained polished concrete which will prevent you from needing to purchase new flooring. Due to the longevity of polished concrete, there will be significantly less need for restoration or replacement. If your polished concrete undergoes high levels of use without proper maintenance, it may require refinishing or restorative work. Restoration may prolong the life of your concrete and still be a better investment than replacing it.

The energy efficiency of concrete is both a financial and environmental benefit. Energy efficiency means the same level of service is provided while using less energy. Concrete does this by absorbing and storing excess heat, which could lower your heating bill long term. In addition, light-colored polished concrete reflects light off its shiny surface, which can save you up to 30% on your lighting bill since you’ll need fewer lights to maintain brightness in your space.

Environmental Savings

Concrete is composed of one of the most readily available materials on earth: limestone. Limestone is created by the accumulation of ocean material including coral, algae, and shells which makes it resource-efficient. Resource-efficient materials are those that require very little new natural resources to produce. In recent years, plastic has been added to the mixing process to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment while also adding reinforcement to the concrete mix. 

The largest environmental impact of choosing polished concrete is that you are not adding material and waste to landfills. Many other flooring options such as carpet, tile, vinyl, and laminates are significant contributors to landfills when they are removed after a few years. These other flooring options may be replaced several times during the lifespan of polished concrete. Polished concrete makes the use of an existing slab making it extremely eco-friendly. 

Your Cost-Effective Flooring Solution

Cost-effectiveness comes easily when you choose polished concrete for your flooring solution. Its financial savings are clear, and its low environmental impact is significant which makes it a sustainable and beneficial option today and for decades to come. Royale Concrete is proud to be a part of an industry that sees the benefit of providing a flooring solution to save money and leave our planet better in the long run. Our concrete services include concrete surface preparation, concrete polishing, terrazzo polishing, concrete repairs, coatings, and polished concrete maintenance. Contact us to begin your polished concrete project today.