Restoring Terrazzo Floors in Older Buildings

If you’re looking at your Terrazzo floors and wondering whether it’s worth it to restore them, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll answer this question and look at the reasons why restoring Terrazzo floors could be a good option for your flooring needs.

Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo flooring is exceptionally durable, beautiful, and known for its mosaic-like design. While these floors rarely need major restoration, if an old floor has chipping, cracking, or other signs of imperfection, it’s essential that you don’t leave them as-is. Otherwise, more damage can occur. Other issues you might notice include:
  • Scratches
  • Holes
  • Discoloration
  • Stains
Thankfully, even these issues are fixable, and your Terrazzo floor can be restored to its former beauty.

Restoring Terrazzo

The first step in restoring Terrazzo floors is to remove any debris or substance that is on top of the flooring surface. This includes wax and sealers formerly used for the floor.
Next, if there are any holes, cracks, or missing areas, an aggregate will be crafted to match the pattern of the existing floor. Cracks and holes will then be filled in.
Once holes and cracks are filled, polishing begins. This is where the real magic happens. For Terrazzo floors and many other types of concrete flooring, polishing is what makes the floor come to life.
Terrazzo concrete flooring can be restored to its former glory even if carpet has been applied over the top, it has glue, wax, or other tacky substances, or it bears holes or cracks. Once restored, Terrazzo floors can be enjoyed for years and look just as beautiful as ever.

Why Polishing?

There are numerous reasons to choose polishing for Terrazzo restoration over waxing. They include:
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Longevity
  • Ease of cleaning
After Terrazzo floors have been polished, they are resistant to spills, require minimal upkeep, and will keep their shine for years to come. The low cost of maintenance makes polishing an ideal 
choice for schools and government buildings. Occasional touch-up polishing will maintain the shine of your floor. However, even with occasional touch-ups, polishing is far more affordable than regular waxing and results in even more significant cost savings.
Polished floors keep their shine and, with regular maintenance, rarely need repolishing even in areas of high foot traffic. This makes polishing an obvious choice for the life of your concrete floors. When wax is used, residual wax will typically need to be cleaned, and a yearly coat reapplied and maintained, adding to the overall cost of maintenance and upkeep.
When cleaning polished Terrazzo floors, you’ll need minimal supplies. The items your office building or school janitor already has on hand are likely enough to keep your floors clean and shiny for years to come. A dust mop and a wet mop are all you need to keep your polished floors maintained and shiny.

A Royale Team

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