Benefits of Polished Concrete for Warehouses

Warehouses receive a lot of wear and tear on their flooring. No matter what kind of business you have, heavy machinery, endless foot traffic, supplies, carts, shelving, and storage containers move across and get stored on top of your flooring. While polished concrete may not be the best for every warehouse, it can considerably benefit warehouses that are able to take advantage of the process. Here are several reasons why polished concrete is great for warehouses.

Increased Savings

When you have your concrete flooring polished, you’ll increase savings in two ways – time and money. Cleaning your polished concrete floor is relatively simple and can be done with supplies you already have on hand. Your facilities maintenance staff can clean with an industrial floor scrubber and you’ll keep your polished floors looking great for years to come. Thanks to the smooth surface of a polished floor, clean up will be much faster, as well.
When it comes to cost savings, the process of polishing a concrete floor is up to six times less expensive than VCT or Epoxy coating. Since polished flooring lasts for so long and requires so little in the way of maintenance, you’ll save money in the short and long-run when you have this process done.

Better Durability

Plain concrete is durable; there’s no doubt about that.  But by polishing the surface, the floor becomes even more functional. When the entire process is complete, a succession of diamond grit tools will have been used with our industrial grinders, creating a highly refined surface that is tight and dense.
Since there is no rough concrete, there is less opportunity for chipping and breaking from machine traffic. Polished concrete is significantly more durable than unpolished and is the reason why many companies with warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants choose this method.

Level Playing Field

As a warehouse floor ages slab curling, heaving, and cracking can cause disruptions to the surface of the floor. Uneven flooring in a warehouse can cause long-term losses in productivity and maintenance costs on ridged fork trucks. Polishing the surface of your concrete floor can cover remedy these functional imperfections, restore productivity, and alleviate any unnecessary stress on your machinery.
Long term problems require long term solutions and a simple polishing job will only cover these issues temporarily. Work with a contractor who can diagnose the root cause of the issue first. Control and expansion joints are the common culprit for uneven flooring and must be inspected before moving forward with any warehouse project. Grinding, polishing, repairing and filling the control and expansion joints can alleviate unnecessary pressure on the floor itself, providing long term durability.

Longer Lasting and Safe

Polished concrete flooring requires very simple maintenance to keep it in the best shape possible and extend its life. While the shine will eventually diminish and need to be touched up, the durability and dustproof nature of your flooring will not. Polished concrete can handle significant weight, foot traffic, and machinery for years to come.
After the polishing process is complete, concrete floors are very safe. They meet, and often exceed, ANSI standards for flooring. It may look like glass, but the coefficient of friction is higher than regular concrete, meaning employees will be less likely to slip and fall. To find out more information on slip resistance, visit the CPC to view industry standard data for different gloss levels.


Polished concrete is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available. The polishing process uses the current substrate in your building and makes it stronger, more durable, and much better looking. Even if your floor has experienced significant wear, cracking, or deterioration, the polishing process can revitalize your floor, bring it back to life, and provide a fresh alternative.
Polished concrete flooring also provides better lighting in warehouses. Due to the increased shine and reflective nature after polishing, flooring will reflect the lighting from above. This can enable you to use less light and still create just as bright of a work environment, conserving power, and cutting down on your eco-footprint.

Polished Concrete for Your Warehouse

When you hire Royale Concrete, you’ll gain a team of dedicated and experienced craftspeople who are passionate about their trade. Polishing concrete is just not just a job – it’s part science and part art, and we love what we do.
Royale Concrete offers a range of services from terrazzo polishing and surface preparation to coating, concrete maintenance, and repair work. Whether you have a residential or commercial flooring need, we strive to deliver the best service you’ll encounter. Our multiple craftsman are CPC Certified by the ASCC, OSHA Certified, and backed by an A+ rating from the BBB. Drop us a note or call us at 888-568-6001 and let’s see if your site is a good fit for polished concrete flooring!